Skint Vaper finally gets his hands on the Vaporesso Gen S kit with the NRG S tank. I put this popular vape kit to the test and see if the Vaporesso Gen S Mod, NRG S tank and GT coils are as good as everyone says they are. Vaporesso very kindly sent this kit to me for the purpose of this review however rest assured that this in no way influences my review of the Vaporesso Gen S Kit, you will ALWAYS receive an honest vape review from me on the Skint Vape channel.

0:00 Up Vaporesso’s Ar*e
0:13 Intro
0:37 Helooooo
1:17 Well Done Vaporesso
3:29 Xros Pod Kit Update
4:53 Introducing the Vaporesso Gen S Kit
6:07 Unboxing the Gen S Kit
12:24 Gen S Menu System
16:08 A Look at the NRG S Tank
21:30 Priming the GT Coil & Filling the NRG S Tank
23:26 My Thoughts on the Vaporesso Gen S and NGR S Tank
24:08 How Long Did the GT Coils Last Me?
25:38 The Cons
27:17 Stock Coils
27:48 Cost of the GT Coils
28:21 How much is the Vaporesso Gen S Kit?
30:06 A Small Complaint
31:51 Battery Life
33:10 Thanks for Watching

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