Bargain Vapes Live are hosting a 12 hour lock-in in the Bargain Vapes Live pub on the 19th December 2020 to raise funds for the homeless at Christmas. There will be plenty of EXTRA BVL shenanigans between 11pm on the 19th and 11am on the 20th. Extra Get Sh*t, Extra Bar Staff, Extra Sh*ts & Giggles. Homelessness at any time of the year is tough and can happen to any one of us through no fault of our own. As most of us settle down to a fun loving day with our nearest and dearest this Christmas it is a sad fact that there will be people on our streets with nothing and no-one, the least we can do is try to help in any way we can. BVL chose Shelter as the charity for this fundraiser as they not only help on the streets but they also work hard through legislation to eradicate homelessness forever! We fully appreciate this time of year can be a difficult time financially for most and if you can spare a little change to donate to this fundraiser then you have our thanks, if donation is not an option that is completely understandable, we ask that you please help share this fundraiser or just join us through the night on the 19th. The vaping community is such a caring and friendly community where golden hearts are aplenty, we thank everyone for the support with this fundraising effort.

0:00 Getting the Bar Ready
3:52 A Homeless Story
24:24 Lets get this Party Started ( Merry Christmas Folks)
26:05 The Bar is Now Open
53:14 A Naked Vaping with Vic
1:01:43 A Naked Flatcap Vaper
1:07:00 Naked Bitches
1:12:00 A Sexy Pud Puffs
1:13:38 Flatcap’s Game
2:01:42 Nomad’s Smoothie
3:21:30 McTavish Shaved his Head
3:29:27 Truth or Dare Game
4:07:00 BVL Catchphrase
5:41:21 McTavish’s Price is Right
6:09:32 Fire in the Hole
7:36:37 The Ranting Heeds Rant of the Year
8:36:15 12 Days of Christmas Vape Version by Vapemill
9:06:55 McTavish’s Mech of the Year
Youtube seems to have cut off the end 🙁 We did just over the 12 hours folks 😉


We are looking for items to include in Get Sh*ts during the 12 hour live, if you have something you would like to give then please contact me or any of the BVL cast and admins.


Please Note: All donations are done through the Just Giving website and will be given directly to Shelter by Just Giving, BVL will not be handling donations.

Any questions you have please don’t hesitate to ask any of the cast and admins of BVL.

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