The Scottish Vape Show returns with your hosts Skint Vaper, Leviathan Vaper and GailyBops at the helm with our guest Munchkin Reviews.

0:00 The Beginning
1:49 Geez a Minute
7:28 Intro
8:56 Helooooo
11:52 Shoutout to Chat
13:39 Scottish Word of the Week
17:23 Quickfire Questions for our Guest
17:58 Sweetcorn on Pizza
18:36 Dwarfism
25:47 Vape Heedzzz
28:28 Bunny & Liam Neeson
28:52 Broon or Red Sauce
30:02 GailyBops Has a Ghost (watch the door)
40:51 Skint Hides
42:28 Highland Vapers
46:03 GailyBops Alternative Channel
49:23 Scottish Word of the Week Answer
49:54 GailyBops and Her Fear of Birds
52:34 Skint Makes it to Australia
53:17 Scotvapes Inverness
56:07 Skint Hides AGAIN
57:33 Vapetube
1:00:31 Goodbye’s

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