The Scottish Vape Show returns with your hosts GailyBops, Skint Vaper & Leviathan Vaper. This week Gailybops & Leviathan Vaper put Skint Vaper uner the spotlight.

0:00 The Beginning
8:33 Countdown
14:43 Intro
16:05 Gail Feels Mischievous & Skint Feks Up
20:39 Skint Shows Off His New Steamcrave
21:10 Vic’s Hadron
22:17 Scottish Words of the Week
26:18 Skint Get Grilled
33:24 GailyBops American Friend
34:32 Garden Gnomes
1:03:43 Scottish Word of the Week Reveal
1:07:13 Haste Ye Back

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