Today Skint Vaper is reviewing the single coil RDA + RSA from qp designs. A multicoloured rda which comes with 7 different colours in the box to make it your own. Is this QP Design Nio RDA + RSA a clone? Most likely but it is hard to tell with this one.
Forgot to mention in the video, from order to delivery it took 7 days for me to receive this, the quickest yet from chinaland 🙂

0:00 Mind Fart
0:20 Intro
0:43 Lets Go
1:23 Closer Look at the QP Nio RDA
3:06 What Coil is that?
5:48 First Looks at the Deck
8:48 Lets Build
9:56 Squonk Pin Issue
12:29 Where I Cut the Cotton
13:34 Close look at Squonking Action
14:01 My Thoughts on the QP Nio RDA + RSA
14:24 This Weeks Get Shit for Bargain Vapes Live
19:17 What I Paid For this
21:53 Thanks for Watching

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