Vaporesso kindly sent me the Vaporesso Gen Nano Vape Kit to review, its a small vape kit with big claims. Even those this has been sent to me for the purpose of this review as the Skint Vaper my opinion is never anything but honest.

0:00 Not my Cup of Tea
0:11 Intro
0:34 Heloooo
1:23 Unboxing the Gen Nano Kit
4:02 Coil Choices for Gen Nano Tank
5:28 Closer Look at the Tank
7:54 Closer Look at the Mod & Menu System
11:13 Priming the Coil
13:09 My Thoughts on the Vaporesso Geno Nano Kit
16:10 The Cons
20:25 Whats the Flavour Like?
25:24 What do I Score it out of 10
25:52 Bargain Vapes Live

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