The Druga RTA is a simple affordable single coil RTA from Augvape that is really easy to build and wick with rewarding flavour. Join me as I unbox, build and wick this cheap RTA.

0:00 Jammy Bast*ards
0:42 Intro
1:05 Hellooooo
2:10 Specs for the Druga RTA
2:22 Unboxing
7:04 Build & Wick
7:37 Fallout Mechlyfe Fused Clapton Coils
9:16 Coil Placement
9:41 Coil Tip
10:33 Wicking
13:08 Don’t Over Tighten the Tank
13:51 Airflow Control Difficulties
14:28 My Thoughts of the Druga RTA from Augvape
19:47 Comparing the Druga RTA to the Intake Single Coil RTA
21:30 Price of the Druga RTA
21:37 Thanks for Watching

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