My insight into the best vape reviewers on youtube with a behind the scenes look at the Skint Vaper productions. This is a compilation of bloopers, outtakes and general nonsense that happens while I am filming. I have to also add that the reviewers featured in this video are some of my favourite reviewers and I have learned a lot from them when it comes to vaping, no offence is intended in any way. If you are new to vaping and starting to watch vaping reviews and vape reviewers on youtube I would highly recommend subscribing to the reviewers featured in this video (including Skint Vaper of course 😉 it will also help you understand this video because if you have never seen the these vaping reviewers content this video is going to go right over your head.

0:00 Lets Flip It
0:47 Intro
1:18 Explanation
3:47 Let The Madness Begin
4:00 Introducing Vaping With Vic
4:29 Introducing TVP
5:10 Shite at Accents
5:34 TVP Again
5:43 Introducing Jai Haze
6:58 Milkshake
7:59 Locked Up Too Long
8:13 It’s The Word Up
8:43 High Voiced Reviewers
9:30 Introducing The Vaping Bogan
10:40 Introducing Skint Vaper
11:36 Mrs Skint
13:24 Sorry Not Sorry

I hope you have a laugh with me and find it funny in the nature it is intended, as a little comedy.

Vaping With Vic


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Vaping Bogan

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Huge shoutout and thank you to all the keyworkers out there keeping us all safe during these tough times, stay safe folks and saty in the hoose whenever possible.

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