We return once again with the cheap vape show Bargain Vapes Live, this week you can join the usual regulars at the bar as well as our special guest Empire Vapes. Also back again this week is the Wheel of Death (RTA/RDTA theme), Get Sh*t , Fire in the Hole, The Landlady, Ranting Heed, Review of the Week and Mech of the Week. Skint & Heed also have a forfeit! See you all there for the usual sh*ts & giggles.

0:00 Going Live Soon
2:38 Getting the Bar Ready
6:09 Intro
6:57 Man, I feel like a Women
7:54 The Bar is now Open
9:09 Shoutout to the Folks at the Bar
13:25 Skint & Heed’s Forfeit part 1
19:19 Wheel of Death (RTA/RDTA Week)
27:27 Skint’s Bargain
31:01 Empire Vapes Bargain
33:29 Nomad’s Bargain
37:09 Kyra’s Bargain
39:38 McTavish’s Bargain
41:55 Heeds Bargain
44:27 Fire in the Hole
57:43 Nomad’s Review of the Week
1:03:51 The Landlady part 1
1:10:56 Get Sh*t
1:14:59 The Landlady part 2
1:27:07 Get Sh*t Winner
1:33:07 Skint & Heeds Forfeit part 2
1:52:40 McTavish’s Mech of the Week
2:22:17 Last Orders
2:29:12 The Bar is Now Closed

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