The pub is open again with a BVL special this week, the final (finally) of the best pub quiz on youtube, Fire in the Hole with your quiz master The Vaping Heed! We have extra bar staff to cover what will surely be a busy night at the bar. Also back is Wheel of Death, Nomad’s Review of the Week and a Bargain Vapes Live News special.

0:00 Going Live Soon
7:48 Getting the Bar Ready
11:11 Intro
12:03 The Bar is Open
17:43 The Landlady Shout Out to all the Folks at the Bar
27:22 Wheel of Death
35:04 Kyra’s Bargain
36:59 Big G’s Bargain
38:28 Heed’s Bargain
44:22 Vic’s Bargain
48:14 Mr B’s Bargain
53:07 Nomad’s Bargain
54:51 Skint’s Bargain
57:24 MvTavish’s Bargain
59:21 Fire in the Hole Final Part One
1:44:36 Nomad’s Review of the Week
1:51:13 Fire in the Hole Final Part Two
2:06:24 Bargain Vapes Live News Special
2:23:08 Fire in the Hole Final Part Three
3:07:55 To the Death Fire in the Hole Only 2 Left
3:13:42 And the Winner is…
3:17:07 Last Orders at the Bar
3:28:08 The Bar is Closed (See Ya Next Week)

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