Bargain Vapes Live has discarded our usual program to throw a BIG Halloween party in the BVL pub and we have hired a lot of extra bar staff. Join us after the excellent Bitches show for a p*ss up at the bar. Massive thank you to all the casters that joined us and the viewers/chatters for coming to the party.

0:00 Going Live Soon
5:42 Getting Ready to Open the Bar
9:06 Halloween Intro
10:26 The Bar is Now Open
15:41 Shout Out to Chat
37:19 Vaping with Vic & Little Pud Bear
48:24 Wheel of Death Trick or Treat Version
1:40:36 The Pub Quiz
3:12:29 Last Orders
3:13:34 The Bar is Now Closed (Thanks to Everyone for a Great Night)

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