I got myself the cheap RDA clone of the Armor Mods Engine RDA. I review this cheap RDA clone and give you my opinion as well as an RDA build tutorial on this RDA clone. Another cheap vape review from Skint Vaper and another clone review from Skint Vaper in my nice cosy Scottish Reviewers Highland Log Cabin. I am fully aware that vape clone reviews can be controversial and I thought long and hard before deciding to review clones but this is the Skint Vaper channel and I honestly feel I would not be straight up and honest with my amazing subscribers and followers if I didn’t review vaping clone products. I honestly feel clones are a good way for vapers to find out if a vape RTA, RDA and RDTA are worth paying for the original authentic product. I recommend only using clones as a testing ground and understanding that the original products are superior in quality and performance.

My daughter has started her own vaping channel, I think we could always do with encouraging more female reviewers. Please be kind enough to check her out and don’t forget to subscribe if you like her content, thank you.

0:00 Dry Hit
2:32 Why I review clones
6:22 Close look at the RDA
16:40 Build
21:39 My thoughts

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